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And over the same 20 years , no PVPer have stopped doing it.

Long before the server merges here, the pvp servers ( which I did play on for the OWPVP ) died, it turned out it had been too much farming those not interested in PVP, by the less than mature "rest" of the population, so the server(s) died, and the farming of the not interested players moved to the pve servers, almost causing a mass migration away from SWTOR, by removing it, and changing the flag button, that the less than mature "rest" exploited to be "allowed" BW/EA managed to get people back into the game.

What surprises is that a very large group of players do not realize that the game was never designed for large scale pvp, for the sole reason of the game having a pve focused design.
Crying for mass battles in swor is about as smart as demanding flight simulator in civilization series, the game was never meant for it..ever.
This said, the game engine could probably handle 16x16 or even 24x24 but it not meant for this, it is meant for 4x4 at best.

One of the issues with the old pvp flag button, was how it was exploited by PVPers on the PVE servers with the result of chasing away players.

At the time, the QT cooldown could be up to 20 minutes, the game AOE mechanics was flawed and could cause you to autoflag.
If autoflagged you could not turn it off, you had a 5 minutes cooldown, in a safe ZONE....combined with a 20minutes QT cooldown this could hinder players for several hours in the game.

It was an outcry to reverse the flag button mechanics, allowing a 100% no cooldown on OFF, but a 5 min cooldown to re-flag so to keep it from being exploited in PVE settings.
The game "dies!!!!!!!" the less than mature group of problem PVPers didn't.

And still even approaching the 8th year of running the game is still a pve NO there can not and should not be open PVP in a pve game...........

PS! I'll let some of you in on a secret......
Just because a game has a small pvp side feature does not make the game pve.
After all you can open doors in Counter Strike, this is a PVE feature.but it does not make the game PVE.....though in the minds of some very vocal PVPers it seems a mere PVP feature is enough to make the rest also PVP
So lets balance the scales and take away all things rewarded to PVE'rs at end of operations, Flash points and general PVE content so that both OW PVP and PVE are in the same boat! What take away your incentive to do the content That's insane! Yeah which is the whole dang point! There should be open world pvp for those that CHOOSE to do it and their should be rewards comparable to doing all the PVE content i.e. an incentive to do the content. I got no issue with keeping PVE and PVPers separate but creating a instance area and saying here you go PVPer's with no rewards, medals, unassemble components, command crates, even weapons or armor is the equivalent of creating PVE content that has no rewards.