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02.10.2018 , 08:09 PM | #28
You can still flag yourself for PVP I am always flagged! Problem is Bioware claims they listen to the players and the players asked for this so they give it to us and then are are like hey why is no-one doing this. Well Mr. Idiot Dev what in the same heck is the point! I mean when you create operations, flash points, and all the other PVE content do you choose not to offer rewards for doing them.........................<cricket chirping.......................................... Yeah thought not cause that would pretty much have the same effect as having open world PVP when you get absolutely nothing for it and that being that nobody does the content because whats the fricken point You could at least make it so that if section of your opponents base gets capture the peeps doing it get some unassembled comps or command crates. Maybe tone down the NPCs so that small groups can capture base hard to do when solo, and seeing as I am usually solo not like I can cap a base. So instead I farm Replicating stock crap items components cause there is no crafting in this game just the replication of stock crappy ugly items. OH I might kill a few others who might be like minded but all and all the open world PVP zone is a giant mat farm! Bioware lacks vision and innovation. They are great at half #$% ideas and stuff that with a little effort has potential but they always strive for mediocrity Open world PVP, Replicating of stock items, Lame space sim are all great examples.