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Nope. I rarely look at the poster name. My phone makes it difficult enough just to post.

People approach gearing differently. I simply offered another option. If people choose to take offense to it, or become critical or defensive of it, thats their choice to react like that. I gave the option, and nobody has to like it or use it. Some people choose not to do the math themselves.
you are arguing for the sake of the argument, not to provide helpful tips, thats my problem. while spreading (semi-)false information. ofc theres always the easiest way to buy everything you want. but we dont need to open threads like OP did just to have someone like you point out "you could spend money", but to give the best ways which do NOT include p2w.

your inability of reading comprehension is annoying. or you just dont want to understand the meaning of a post and argue to.....yeah argue, as i pointed out earlier.