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1.2 as brought practically nothing to cybertechs. The ability to sell speeders is pretty much useless considering the cost to make. And with yet a new tier of raiding and pvp not many people want to lvl 49 earpieces, and lvl 49 mods and armoring never sold well from the get go. I've only seen 1 claim of RE a mod from blackhole gear, not the armoring. And this is just pve, there is literally nothing new for cybertechs for pvp, where all the armor crafters get new orange patterns that will sell extremely well, since augmented shells are the best you can get. Even though its not much, artificers get color crystals, at least that's something. But unless you're in an endgame raid guild and have blackhole gear on farm, there's no way for anyone else to learn those patterns, and not necessarily blackhole rated patters, but even lower rated lvl 50 patters, there is nothing a cybertech can learn. And you can't RE pvp mods either, not even the obsolete centurion nor champion gear can be RE to new patterns. So why was it a point to say you can RE endgame loot to learn those patterns when the ones that can be learned are not only few, but very difficult to obtain?
what about consumables that allow you to transfer mods/armoring and others into other gear, without costing credits directly? Consuming the level corresponding crafting mats... would reduce the cost of transferring items indirectly, and would give cybertech another consumable to make.