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I can definitely understand why they chose to go with only one version of Arcann, and have tried to keep him as balanced as possible for both sides. Which he is for most part and it is only in the case of extreme DS, the evil for the sake of evil "I'm Sith mhuahaha", where he doesn't quite fit. They likely did assume those characters would not spare him (overlooking the fact they might have because he's 'sexy' or was a bad boy), so they chose the direction for him which makes most sense.

Most of my PCs are all neutral/grey. Hovering between LS 2-3 or DS 2-3 at best because some of the LS choices feel overly naive whereas many DS choices make the PC sound like a braindead psychopath. I've never been able to reach rank 5 in either direction and no matter how I headcanon, some options just feel far too cruel for me to stomach. I, as the player, get sad and feel bad so I don't do it lol.
^^This made me laugh harder than it should have

Also yeah that's my general read too My Pc has never passed Ds/Ls 2...Yet. I don't always notice when they've gone up a tier. But it bounces back and forth.