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Jugg - Endure pain, enraged defense (healing abilities.) Intercede (friendly leap) Leap, push (resets leap), leap. I can easily cross the huttball map in a matter of seconds on my jugg/guardian.

Sniper - covered escape, operative exfiltrate (both rolls)

Mara - I think you're confusing leap with roll lawl. Also, predation gives them and the rest of the team a speed buff.

You need to sit down and learn class abilities/animations before you start screaming haxorz.
well since people just wanna pick lets make it at least good . I currently Pvp on every class in the game and while yes you can intercede /leap across the room intercede requires a target as does force push and leap, so unless there's an unknown ghost standing where they end up that would rule out intercede and leap. And while predation allows you to move quickly it has a completely different graphics performance then roll. When someone drops to the floor and turn circles across the room that i do believe is ROLL. And yes endure pain and enrage defense both grant you a health regen they do not instantly fill your bar from 1k to 40k. and by instantly I mean partail fill from endure pain add with the slower gain of enraged defense i mean slam from 1k to 40k don't blink you missed it..

So nice to see that a general post about hacks is turned into the idiot posting doesn't know anything sad to say but rather than say yes it sucks that some morons do this stuff you flame "you need to learn". This stuff was highly used on Beregen Colony for a long time and there have been guilds that have been notorious for it to the point people will just leave the WZ's rather than play against them. cuurently the use of speed hacks has droped but they still are used. but any way glad to see you care more for flaming. anyway glad to see this was a waste of time was hoping for some constuctive conversation not more of the same crap you can get in gen chat..