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  • You will gain your starship after you finish a major class quest at your capital city (usually around level 16 or 17)
  • Your star ship comes with its very own bank or "cargo hold" though they act as the same thing
  • If your companion wants to talk to you and you are in your ship, now is the time to do it!
  • To travel around the galaxy, visit your galaxy map
  • Choosing a destination will cost fuel, the number of credits required to get there will be displayed along the bottom in green
  • After your destination has been chosen, your ship will auto-align to the planet then jump-drive will be initiated
  • Your ship will remain in Orbit around the planet until you use the ship's exit, a cutscene will then show you landing on the planets surface
  • Any systems with current quests will have their quest name beside them, making them easier to locate.
  • You also have a mission terminal beside your galaxy map which will give you new space missions
  • Space Missions are done in the form of a railgun style shooter. You follow a set path and have to shoot enemies along the way.
  • Space Bar to do a barrel roll ^^
  • Left clicking will activate your primary weapon (laser for example)
  • Right clicking will activate your secondary weapon (rockets for example)
  • Lasers have infinite ammo whereas rockets can only hold a certain amount
  • You can upgrade your ship by visiting your character screen 'C' and clicking the 'Ship' tab
  • Simply drag and drop modification into the designated slots for them to take effect
  • The crafting skill cybertech can create space ship mods. Slicing also has a chance to get them and their schematics.

  • A legacy name is a server-wide surname used by all (current & future) characters on your server
  • A legacy name is granted after you complete Act 1 (usually around level 30)
  • After you finish Act 1 a new window pane will open asking you to choose your legacy name
  • If you close this window, you can find it under the Skill Tree (K) and the Legacy tab along the bottom
  • Be careful with what you pick, for once you choose you can't change it in any way (so far)
  • You can use apostrophes (') and hyphen (-) symbols
  • You can't use a space
  • If you use a symbol, all letters after the symbol will be lower case, example: typing Lo'Saki would actually end up as Lo'saki
  • After you pick a name you may choose to display it differently, this can be done in the preferences menu under social and the legacy subheading
  • You can choose between one of three ways:
  • HIDDEN - The Legacy Name will be hidden to you and all other players
  • SURNAME - The Legacy Name will appear after your current name e.g. Goshee [legacyname]
  • TITLE - The Legacy Name will appear underneath your name The [legacyname] Legacy

The legacy system has been updated with patch 1.2
  • If you reach level 50 with a certain race you will 'unlock' it and can then use that race for any class/faction in future characters
  • Achieving more legacy levels will give you access to unique powers and bonuses as well as fittings for your ship

  • A guild is a group of individuals who have joined forces under the same flag to achieve common goals
  • A guild can be created at your capital city, Coruscant or Dromund Kaas
  • If you are Republic look for Lieutenant Kyndern (-1143, 1417) Who can be found at the desk behind the Galactic Market Kiosks in the Senate Commercial District
  • Locate and talk to the guild registrar in the main city to form a guild
  • You must have 4 players (including yourself) in your party to create the guild
  • Once created all 4 members will be part of the new guild, the person who created it will be the guild leader
  • To invite more members to your guild type /ginvite [name]
  • To quit your current guild type /gquit
  • To talk in your guild channel type /g

Guild Functionality – Guilds are important to the long term health of any MMORPG. We have a huge list of guild centric features. This will be an ongoing effort that will probably never end. Guild banks are the first thing we’ll be delivering in our plans for increased guild functionality. Eventually we even want to deliver on the promise of the long hinted at “Guild Capital Ships”. - James Ohlen, Game Director






All emotes can be accessed in game by clicking on the little waving man icon in the chat panel on the top left

NOTE: All emotes in orange have animations

PATCH NOTES - 1.0.2 Patch Notes 1/4/2012
  • Players can now use emotes while riding a vehicle.







  • W - Move Forward
  • A - Turn Left
  • S - Move Backwards
  • D - Turn Right
  • Q - Strafe Left
  • E - Strafe Right
  • / - Toggle Walk/Run (on the keypad next to numlock)
  • SPACE BAR - Jump
  • NUMLOCK - Auto Run

  • R - Chat Reply
  • T - NA
  • Y - NA
  • U - NA
  • I - Inventory
  • O - Social Pane
  • P - Ability Pane
  • G - Guild Pane
  • H - NA
  • J - NA
  • K - Skill Pane
  • L - Mission Log
  • Z - Sheath/Unsheath Weapon
  • X - Sit
  • C - Character Pane
  • V - Show Cover Points
  • B - Inventory
  • N - Crew Skills Pane
  • M - World Map
  • / - Open Chat
  • ' - (apostrophe) Toggle Companion Expanded Bar
  • ENTER - Open Chat
  • ESC - Close Interface Windows, Access Options Menu, Clear Target
  • HOME - Self Target Modifier
  • END - Focus Target Modifier
  • Page Up - Chat Page Up
  • Page Down - Chat Page Down

  • TAB - Target Next Enemy
  • F1 - Target Self
  • F2 - Target Party Member 1
  • F3 - Target Party Member 2
  • F4 - Target Party Member 3
  • F5 - Target Party Member 4
  • 1 - Use Quick Slot 1
  • 2 - Use Quick Slot 2
  • 3 - Use Quick Slot 3
  • 4 - Use Quick Slot 4
  • 5 - Use Quick Slot 5
  • 6 - Use Quick Slot 6
  • 7 - Use Quick Slot 7
  • 8 - Use Quick Slot 8
  • 9 - Use Quick Slot 9
  • 0 - Use Quick Slot 10
  • - - Use Quick Slot 11
  • = - Use Quick Slot 12
  • [SHIFT + MOUSE WHEEL] - Change Quickslot Page
  • [SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROWS] - Change Quickslot Page



  • SWTOR - Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • BW - BioWare, the company who made the game what it is today
  • EA - Electronic Arts

General Chat
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard, someone who is leaving their computer for a time
  • AFAIK - As Far As I Know
  • AH - Auction House
  • ASAP - As Soon As Possible
  • ATM - At The Moment
  • BRB - Be Right Back, someone who is leaving their computer for a short moment
  • BIO - Biology, often used when someone needs to use the bathroom
  • CIAO - Ciao is an Italian word for goodbye or hello and isn't an abbreviation but people think it is so I have included it
  • FTW - For The Win, if something is for the win it means it is good
  • FTL - For The Loss, if something is for the loss it means it is bad
  • FYI - For Your Information, FYI... I stole your credits
  • GG - Good Game, often used after a fight or duel has finished
  • GJ - Good Job, used to applaud someone for their efforts
  • GTG/G2G - Got To Go, the person is leaving
  • IDC - I Don't Care
  • IDK - I Don't Know
  • IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
  • IMO - In My Opinion
  • IMHO - In My Honest Opinion/In My Humble Opinion
  • IRL - In Real Life, someone referring to events outside of the game world
  • JK - Joke
  • NP - No Problem
  • NPC - Non Player Character
  • NM/NVM - Nevermind
  • OIC - Oh I See, OIC you have a Tank already
  • O'RLY? - Oh Really?
  • OP - Original Poster, used in forums to refer to the starter of the thread
  • OP - Over Powered, used to describe something with incredible strength and power
  • PL - Power Level, leveling as fast as possible
  • PvP - Player Versus Player
  • QQ - Crying, stop the QQ! = stop the crying! for example
  • TBH - To Be Honest
  • THX - Thanks
  • TY - Thank You
  • WTH? - What The Heck?
  • YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
  • YW - You're Welcome
  • YQW - You're Quite Welcome

  • AoE - Area of Effect, AoE attacks hit multiple opponents often in the form of a cone shape or 360 degree attack.
  • BUFF - A buff increases your stats to improve your performance
  • DEBUFF/DUFF - A debuff decreases your stats to decrease your performance
  • CC - Crowd Control, abilities which hinder the movement of enemies, roots, holds and slows for example
  • ST - Single Target, attacks which only effect one opponent
  • DPS - Damage Per Second, a form of measuring how much damage you deal every second
  • DOT - Damage Over Time
  • HOT - Heal Over Time
  • XP - Experience Points, Experience points are gained to level your character through completing quests and killing enemies
  • INC - Incoming, used when enemies are approaching
  • PROC - Special Procedure, refers to an event triggered under particular circumstances. My Lightsaber might have a 10% chance to do 15 extra damage.
  • HP - Health Points
  • KS - Kill Steal, said when another player takes the final blow or attacks an already attacked target
  • OP - Over Powered, used to describe something with incredible strength and power
  • REZ - Resurrection, the act of bringing someone back to life
  • RNG - Random Number Generator, same as rolling a dice. Often used in terms with PROC

  • WTA - Want To Auction
  • WTB - Want To Buy
  • WTS - Want To Sell
  • WTT - Want To Trade

  • LF - Looking For, LF Healer or LF Lightsaber as examples
  • LFG - Looking For Group
  • LFM - Looking For More, LFM Tanks for example
  • LF1M - Looking For 1 More, LF1M DPS or LF6M DPS as examples
  • SPOT - For example "1 spot left!" means there is space for one more group member
  • Tank - Tanking, the tank is the one who takes the hits for the groups
  • DPS - DPS are the damage dealers, generally do more damage than the tank but cant take as much
  • Healer - Healers are there to heal their group and provide support, mainly healing the tank but also other members in case things go wrong
  • Buffer - A player who specializes in increasing the stats of himself and his teammates
  • DeBuffer - A player who specializes in decreasing the stats of his opponent
  • SP - Social Points, awarded from completing group content and winning conversation rolls. See 1st thread for more info.

  • RP - Role Play
  • IC - In Character, a roleplaying term used when someone is roleplaying their character
  • OOC - Out Of Character, a role playing term used when someone is speaking out of their character
  • ((text)) - Double brackets around words means someone is talking OOC

  • DIP - Diplomacy
  • TH - Treasure Hunting
  • UT - Underworld Trading
  • ARC - Archaeology
  • RE - Reverse Engineering, the process of deconstructing items to gain materials and sometimes recipes. Destroys item in process.

  • IMP(S) - Imperial/Empire
  • REP(S) - Republic

  • INQ/INK - Sith Inquisitor
  • SI - Sith Inquisitor
  • BH - Bounty Hunter
  • SMUG - Smuggler
  • JK - Jedi Knight
  • JC - Jedi Consular
  • SW - Sith Warrior
  • IMP - Imperial Agent
  • IA - Imperial Agent
  • AC - Advanced Class
  • SIN - Assassin, an Inquistor specialisation
  • SORC - Sorcerer, an Inquisitor specialisation
  • MARA - Marauder, a Sith Warrior specialisation
  • SENT - Sentinel, a Jedi Knight specialisation
  • JUGG - Juggernaut, a Sith Warrior specialisation
  • VAN - Vanguard, a Trooper specialisation
  • COM - Commando, a Trooper specialisation