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I've taken all 16 advanced classes through the story, and on a few characters I did all the (unfinished) conversation threads with them in my stronghold prior to doing KOTFE. I don't recall any conversation that had to be done on the ship - there were some times when a comp would suggest we talk onboard the ship, but the conversation worked just as well in a cantina or in a stronghold. (Not saying it doesn't happen, but it must be rare if it does.)
There's a fair number that are ship-only, in fact. In some cases (notably Doctor Lokin and/or Vector, but also LS Jaesa) they involve interactions with another companion, and there's only one script for that, involving the player's ship.

The other one that springs to mind is when a male Inquisitor finally beds Ashara, and the action shifts to the "captain's cabin" of the ship.
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