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Did this for me for many toons, especially the Jedi knight and Consular(or is it because I have a zillion of those).
It happened mainly with Rusk and Nadia, after Ossus story. Thing is, class story "Sergeant Fideltin Rusk" returns as "Provost Marshal Rusk", and you can see his skin color isn't exactly the same. For Nadia, she has a new look when she returns, and you then need to use a Customization to give her previous look. The class story Rusk and Nadia found in your companion window have their influence level they had at the time you started KOTFE (or completed KOTFE chapter 1). So, basically someone who maxed them before starting KOTFE would have an additional comp at level 50. Of course, you may want to open a ticket to CS and they should fix it (removing the class story version of the companion).