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Sounds like a rank 1 backpeddler, while what you think is cute fact tends to think otherwise as we have played with a hybrid and lightning sorc in PTS rateds vs some of the best guilds in the game. I died less and took less damage in those games even when being focused because i know how to kite and its not a single player game my TEAM backed me up.
Kind iof ironic but that's probably the only enviroment sorcs will work in now, for the simple reason that they have team support.
I think they would work equally good in 1.7 but teams/guilds quickly jumped to the conclusion that sorcs werent going to make it. Only reason people brought them (dps speced sorcs) on PTS was to try it and because they werent educated enough. A sorc can reach 1,5M and still be less of a factor than everyone els on the team.

That said, my conclusion, a conclusion based on not rated pug games on PTS, is still that sorcs indirectly were nerfed in 2.0. It doesnt matter if the stuff they so called gave us looks good on paper when everyone els got something better. Not to mention that the damage buffs arent making up for the HP the new gear has. Sorcs werent the only ones who got hit by the nerf to crit but it made things worse.