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03.16.2013 , 03:28 PM | #512
I kind of agree I feel like there is something seriously missing from the sorcerer class.

While 2.0 as is seems to be good, it still feels lacking. The damage changes are overall positive and my favorite spec lightning is very capable now. Force barrier although not exciting, is exactly something the sorc/sage needed. Before there was no reason for people to stop train focusing a sorc. Even still I don't think I will be re-subbing.

The class itself hasn't changed. The only fun part about full madness was its kiting ability and lightning was fun because it was a challenge. The sorcerer class is just lackluster, there are no epic feeling abilities or fun parts of the rotation. In fact the rotations appear to be almost exactly the same, damage modifiers have been changed but your attack priority hasn't.

I'm not one of the people saying that the class is garbage, its not. Personally I perform better than almost anyone in any given warzone regardless of spec. Currently though madness appears like it will still be equally useless for rated (crit rating change hurt this spec alot for pvp), lightning spec is now okay and the hybrid is still the best choice (and I hate the hybrid). The bubble stun nerf was expected and needed, but the lose of instant whirlwind baffles me. Our damage is now on par with other classes, but it seems every patch sorc CC abilities get nerfed and that is what I don't understand. With the exception of mercenaries and perhaps PT every other class has more CC options and abilities. I don't want to be a CC god by any means, but some interesting mechanics would be nice. For class that is pictured as the "glass cannon" of the game it is certainly lacking of any unique offensive cooldowns or cc; I guess you could say bubble stun and polarity shift are unique, but neither is interesting or fun to use.

To me the class I love has become.......boring
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