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Just to be picky (some would say anal ), "their" is about ownership, not necessarily about people. I could be talking about a couple dogs, and say "their two collars need to be loosened".

Now, no doubt, someone else will correct my correction.

About vote kicking, am I the only one who finds it the least bit ironic that the poster is complaining about being vote kicked in the same sentence were he says he's queue syncing? Abusing one system I guess is fine, but not the other.
You're absolutely right. Their is a possessive, just like his, her, my, our and your.

People get those three terms (or some people just don't care) confused all the time. Their, they're and there. Same with your and you're. My personal pet peeve is its vs. it's. Its is possessive, but people think it needs the apostrophe, so they accidentally make it into it is.

Anyway, on the other point, I thought the same thing you did. But I'm not sure if OP was saying he was queue syncing or if the "trolls who hate me" were queue syncing. It's open to interpretation, I guess.
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