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04.14.2020 , 08:51 AM | #34
Can you guys please move the 10m knockback effect on Series of Shots/Speed Shot from the Reestablish Range/Reset Engagement utility to a different utility or just get rid of that effect entirely? The problem is that the 75% movement speed boost from Countermeasures/Surrender is really nice, but the knockback causes really annoying problems in a lot of PvE stuff where it's unhelpful or downright problematic to knock a single enemy away. It's incredibly frustrating in Engineering/Saboteur because you knock what is likely your primary target out of your Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade and away from the other enemies for targeted AoE like EMP Discharge/Sabotage and Fragmentation Grenade/Thermal Grenade.

If you wanted to move it, I think that Series of Snares/Compounding Impact (80% slow on Series of Shots/Speed Shot) would be an appropriate target since that utility only has that one effect and that effect also applies to Series of Shots/Speed Shot and is also in the Masterful tier.