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I donít understand how you canít see this is detrimental to ranked and pvp in general. Donít you want the game to succeed or pvp be playable?
Well, a few things. First, just because ranked has a perceived "toxicity" problem, doesn't mean that that problem is real. Toxicity is not a problem in solo ranked in my experience. Second, I've consistently disputed whether ranked's perceived "toxicity" really is driving huge numbers of people away from it. It clearly has driven some people away, but I doubt it's very many overall.

Also, I'd rather ranked die than encourage Bioware to punish people for their speech. That's how important free expression is to me. You clearly disagree, but that's my position.

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I still cannot get it why people defend the current pvp System at all... you guys are minimalists and i feel bad for you....
I don't know what that means.