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Im aware of all the awesome tools mara has, and the cool utilities it has. But again... I am talking mainly about Onslaught. Every class got huge buffs in one way or another. Mara got some more utilities.
The new marauder set bonus looks better than jugg's. The Rage and Fury tactical items are identical. The new ability is identical. Please have a look on the PTS forum because you are wrong.

Using force camoflauge is only good if they leave you alone after it ends a few seconds later. Then the game takes like a year to make you leave combat to heal up.

I am also looking at this from a dueling standpoint, which is a huge weekness in this game. Dueling is not balanced at all, but it shows you if a class is weaker than another in a pvp 1v1 situation. Jugg will always beat a mara, unless the jugg is brain dead and doesnt know his rotation in pvp. Mara cant stealth out of a 1v1, if the opponent is even half decent.
Force camo and run far away. If you don't have the utility that extends the duration of camo, then you really need to use Predation with it.

In a 1v1, a Marauder will beat a Jugg by using all the abilities I listed in my previous post. You know you can Intimidating Roar the Jugg while ED is up, right? Barring that, you can Obfuscate him. The trick is to not attack him while ED is up.
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