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Having already thrown in my support when you mentioned it in the Kaggath thread, I shall apply

Fitzak "Star" Haashk

Profession- Bodyguard
Species- Noghri
Skill- Close Quarters Combat
Clothing- light pads of armor, slightly worn and loose cloth robe and pants.

- DC-17m w/1 extra clip
- Sniper attachment for DC-17m
- 3 days of rations
- small shoulder bag
- Noghri knife
- Datapad (secret)

Planet Vote:
- Felucia

Star is a Noghri bodyguard for a wealthy and powerful Kuati noble. He was tasked with protecting a courier bearing a datapad containing plans for a secret weapons project. When the ship went down, the courier was killed but before he was he gave Star the datapad and tasked him with the delivery. Now, his honor demands he stop at nothing to get off this planet and complete his mission.

Look good?
Overall looks good, though there is one issue.

#7 - You get to select three items that you managed to grab before making it into the escape pod, again, has to be within reason. Has to be able to fit into an escape pod.

Also, the extra clip for the gun would have to count extra. *Though, it is likely you could find part of the ship wreckage and find most of these items*

The datapad will not count towards one of the three items however since it seems like an item that would already be on his person as he headed for the escape pod. Same for the Knife. *likely strapped somewhere?* Other than that, the rest will need to be narrowed. *For future notice, most others will not get such bonuses. The only reason the knife is kept is due to him being a Noghri and they often have their knives on their persons at all times when they are in such business.*
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