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Yes!!! I honestly agree with most of what you said, the problem with the pvp is that it is too mundane and repetitve, we know what each class has and exactly how to fight it. We need more creativity which is what I was saying the entire time. In regards to the post you responded to, I was just stating the reason why certain classes are op and why certain classes are not and the root of this issue is hard stuns. We need more creativity and innovative ideas that will allow each class to feel unique and different without adding more of what is already in the game. Do you have any ideas at all that might work rather than what you think would not work?
Well, they are introducing these tactical and amplifiers in 6.0; that are supposed to liven things up.

Besides that, the only other thing I can think of is nerf / remove a lot of the stuns, immunities and speed abilities back to the 1.2 - 2.0 meta when classes still felt unique and we didn’t have stun wars vs speed wars.