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Lightning sorcerer is definitely above mara, operative and sniper, when played correctly. The class has great team utility, good pressure, and if focused, has great survivability because of all the DR.

Khaos is straight up godly on the class, though he doesn't deign to play the game that much these days. Kelevra thinks lightning is "boring", but at the beginning of the season he just placed his sorcerer top 5 (back then) and then stopped playing. Durmoth makes some questionable breaker choices I think, but you can watch him on when he's online - he is top 2 right now and you can see directly how much the class can do by watching his stream.
I don't think evaluating the spec just on the basis of how the very best players play it is very smart. Your 'when played correctly" should really be "when played exceptionally," because apparently only a handful of players in the entire game can do it. Whereas mara is far, far easier to play "correctly." Maybe lightning sorcs have a higher ceiling, but if you were to compare an average mara to an average lightning sorc, would your opinion be the same?