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And that is the point: you yourself claim that defence is good. The class also has mobility, ranged attack and self-heal with Phase Walk and Force Barrier. Do you really expect them to be on par with melee DPS in terms of damage? What good a melee would be then?
Maras literally have better defense (stealth out and heal multiple times during a match), yet their damage output is much, much higher. Sure, they can't kite and self-heal during a fight, but if played properly, their survivability is greater than a madness sorc's, which is why maras are the second best pvp class.

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Lightning sorcerer is a top tier spec guys, what are you all talking about? It just doesn't "facetank".
There are barely any lightning sorcs on Star Forge that are any good, but even on DM I doubt it's "top tier". You would put it above mercs, maras, ops, and snipers?