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Sorcs DPS? Are you sure you are playing 5.x version of swtor? Defence is good, but dps output is rubbish
Saying it is rubbish is an overstatement, but damage output is undeniably inferior to most classes. Nevertheless, the class survives longer in 4 DPS SR than any SW/JK or VG/PT and their skill rotation can provide an unpleasant burst at a critical moment.

And that is the point: you yourself claim that defence is good. The class also has mobility, ranged attack and self-heal with Phase Walk and Force Barrier. Do you really expect them to be on par with melee DPS in terms of damage? What good a melee would be then?

It is not about sage DPS underperforming. The problem is that other ranged classes are overperforming. PVP/PVE balance could be easily resolved if passive damage increase was among the utilities, so every PVPer had to choose between damage output or mobility/defence/self-heal, not having all of those as opposed to melee.