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It's only a basic staple if you're a baddie who has only ever played autoplay WoW's click a button with your eyes closed to heal someone playstyle.

Turn Nameplates on so you can see people's healthbars over their heads, and gain some finger dexterity. One day healing without seventythree crutches will come naturally to you and you'll ask yourself 'how was I ever so lame to think I was playing a game in a system that held your hand in every way possible?'

I've always enjoyed watching some of WoW's Arena tournaments where people are forced to use the vanilla UI. Really shows who can actually play and who's let the game play for them all these years.
You do understand that WoW Arena Tournament players do in fact use mouseover healing with the basic UI right?

Turn name plates on and click nameplates to target people while they are running around? Are you insane??? I do not want to play a giant wack a mole game as a healer while the dps get to run around like idiots mashing buttons.

TORs lack of UI customization is a major failing point atm.

Half of you arguing about how TOR doesn't need mouseover healing obviously have no idea what it is.