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Whose stellar idea was it to priorize that bug?
No one because they didn't. Charles posted about this in March.

Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd View Post
Hey folks!

Thank you for calling attention to this issue. We didn't really intend to remove the ability to use Marr and others outside of their respective chapters; this was a side effect of solving a bug that would have blocked progression through the Ossus storyline for some players (under certain conditions, the game gets confused about which temporary companion you should have, and chaos ensues).

As some folks have guessed, taking temporary characters out of their chapters was never really an intended or supported feature. But since it didn't really hurt anything or give anyone an unfair advantage, we decided to leave it in when it was discovered.

Given that some of you have put a lot of time into these characters, it is our goal to find a way to give you access to them again. Unfortunately, I can't give an ETA for when that might happen as we still have to ensure that any solution we pursue doesn't risk blocking players' progress elsewhere in the storyline.
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