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12.12.2013 , 01:33 AM | #9
In a 1v1 turning dogfight sure the advantage goes to the scout. The simple counter is for strikers to team up. They have the shields so one can draw the scout's fire while the other shoots them down. I've primarily played the striker (recently unlocked the flashfire & am trying to bring it up to par for variety) and I've shot down a fair few scouts. When they run if my objective was defend/attack a sat I let them run since shooting them down won't help the team as much as the sat.

Without tactics yes scouts are OP. With tactics they're balanced. Remember this is a team game not Rambo-in-starfighters.

EDIT: I should also add I've been focusing on upgrades that help my striker perform in turning dogfights so even though I can't turn as tight as a scout I can fly them to a stalemate (my shield upgrades allow me to take whatever they might have a chance to dish out). If I don't shoot them down usually I end up being the bate that lets someone else shoot them down (and using my ion cannons helps speed up that process if I can't shoot them down myself).

Like with gunships I try to avoid locking missiles early since that gives scouts time to run, normally I open with ions, switch to quads and if they're still alive try to nail them with a missile while they flee.