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12.12.2013 , 01:12 AM | #8
Blaster Overcharge is the best ship ability in the game (imo). Distortion field is really good against lasers and only comes on scouts and gunships. Sabotage probe is a very good missile.

I personally use distortion field on my IL-5, but since I only trust myself to cap nodes, I don't use blaster overcharge. I use booster recharge. I also use cluster missiles, preferring the quicker dps to the sabotage probe and its long lock-on timer.

Pros: Scout is the best ship for capturing nodes, holding nodes (weaving satellites), and killing gunships. With Booster Recharge, it can get anywhere in the map at any time. However, if you use blaster overcharge, a scout can hold its own against any strike, especially with sabotage charge, but then it lacks the map range that is a "pro" of a scout. A scout can outmaneuver any other ship in close combat. It can outrun any ship, especially if it has booster recharge.

Cons: A speed scout (no blaster overcharge; has booster recharge) lacks firepower by a lot. It takes a long time to kill a strike or a gunship with defense upgrades. Its very difficult if the strike has quick charge shields fully upgraded with 60% recharge when taking damage. It simply does not eat through the shield quick enough. It lacks hard hitting missiles.

I would prefer to use a strike. It has greater defense and firepower. I am always amazed at how quickly I can kill things whenever I use a strike class. I have more kills with a strike on average. I personally can't trade in the booster recharge and the ability to be anywhere on the map in order to save a cap or capture. My kill number average range on a strike is 8-10. On a scout it is 5-8. It's the flip of these numbers for assists. I get a lot of assists on my scout because it takes so damn long to kill anything, but on my strike, I can kill things in a third of the time.

In the end, I don't think the scout class needs a nerf. It is already a slog to kill the other classes. The only thing that is overpowered is Blaster Overcharge. It may need a slight nerf, but a scout already gives up enough when it can no longer actually "scout".