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09.23.2019 , 02:07 AM | #2
Not every skill is meant to be super useful for PvE or do high damage. There are plenty of more PvP-focused skills on different classes - anything that applies Trauma, Leg Shot on Sniper and so on. Even Phase Walk is "useless" in PvE the same way Low Slash is.

If you are calling Low Slash useless, are all control skills in PvE useless as well? Seems like you have never done anything like Master chapters or more challenging flashpoint/ops fights.

Easy example, bonus boss in Traitor among the Chiss Master Mode. There is no better class than Deception sin to deal with the droid. I alone can interrupt 95% of it's casts, mostly because of Low Slash. All the easiest kills on that boss that I had were with me on Deception sin.

Deception has always been positioned as a control-heavy class, Low Slash is it's trademark ability.