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Doing damage to an opponent breaks our stealth. From the skill Stealth "Most Hostile Actions prematurely end the effect".

I don't like that you don't take creeping terror and I see no reason you don't take insulation other than stupidity. Not taking insulation in pve might make sense in pve to skip mobs, but has only a complete fool would go into pvp putting a priority of stealth movement speed. You don't get movement speed outside of stealth with that skil. It puts you at about 95% movement speed while stealthed. You might be forced to guard nodes in pvp, but using a build like this wouldn't be a preference. If you are node guarding alot don't you think you should spec into the node guard build?

I dropped 500k in pure madness using procced mauls and DoTs in voidstar last night. Its a great healer pressure spec because you can force the healer to split the healing between himself and his guard.

I did that in the 3/7/31 madness spec. I had no force management issues to need the fade. You get 3% more critical damage (HUGE!) and 18% more damage on your spamable DOT. My creeping terror its hard. I get 2% healing and the additional DoT. I don't mind maul and madness. Its a solid way to play the assassin. Going to 27 points in madness and saying ya creeping terror sucks is insane.

Forget that its a perfect skill to setup your maul strikes with its 2 second root. Forget that you are still running a DoT spec a 2 second freeze so you can keep breaking LoS and/or keep range.

I said I don't like your hybrid, but your guide needs to at least tell readers that using force cloak after doting up someone will almost always result in you exiting stealth on your next DoT tick.
Dots don't break stealth, You don't get 18% increased DOT damage via Charge Mastery. 500k splash damage is not always ideal for WZ's. Creeping Terror is a weak dot, the root is nice, but I would rather have Induction+Darkswell. 4% damage mitigation on an already squishy class is not going to help. You are knocking Mad Maul and you never even tried it. Mad Maul has even less force management issues because of Darkswell.

You are tunnel visioned into relying on defense and not understanding what Mad Maul is, it is a completely different play style and there is no way in hell a Darkness fan boy is going to go into a WZ with Mad Maul and like it right away.

Once again you are not reading anything that I post. You are saying the same things over and over and I already corrected you. This is not an ideal spec for pvp, it is fun for a certain type of player. I am not claiming that this spec gives you the best results in pvp. Stop arguing against points that I am not even making. Please actually read my guide and my rebuttals with an open mind.