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I would be happy with any planet... IF...

* There are plenty of Flooring (rug) and ceiling hooks. Especially ones centered under Large and Centerpiece combo hooks.

* We can get to all the hooks. I'm tired of Starships hooks that I can't reach (IE: Nar Shaddaa, Manaan, and Umbara hooks).

* The hooks aren't bugged. IE: you can remove decorations (Yavin 4, DK issues), jukeboxes play properly (Nar Shaddaa issues).

* No hooks with bad rotation (Manaan), that don't sit properly on a wall (Yavin 4), that stick inside the wall (Imperial guild flagship), or that stick in the floor (both guild flagships, Rishi).

* There are some rooms with flat walls. Not tilted, not with things sticking out, not with fat floorboards/wainscoting. I like to put things up against walls, not just have free-standing arrangements in the middle of rooms.

And for a bonus...

* Put a MEDIUM WALL hook near the elevator. You gave us Elevator holo signs and there is not a single Medium Wall hook to place one near an elevator. (Better yet, make that deco work on Small wall hooks, too!)

* Make sure all Starship hooks can convert into different hook configurations.

* Give us some very high ceilings. Too many Ceiling decos stick through the floor at a standard ceiling height.
I like this !!

Apply this to either one of the two suggestions and we have a definite winning combo !!

(nicely done BTW... )