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It is our intention to gradually, over multiple patches, reduce the impact of situational consumables on endgame combat resolution and shift the factors which determine the outcome of combat more towards personal skill. As part of this effort, specifically for PvP, we are also working on changes that will reduce the gear related power difference between new characters at level 50 and players in full PvP gear. We feel that at the current time, this difference is too high.

Mr. Zoeller,

I can't thank you enough for realizing the importance of skill and making the difference between armors significantly less. However, is this really all? Please look into these threads to see what your PvP fanbase is discussing. You're an MMO expert, so please try to pick out the best things from other games or ideas you can come up with. The PvE in this game is phenomenal...PvP not at all, no offense intended.

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Please give more feedback on PvP. I've got two months left on my sub, and atm I'm not enjoying PvP at all. I, along with others, will unsub most likely if this doesn't become fun and competitive.