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Why does everyone have to always bring up PvP when he is clearly talking about End Game PvE. Whats wrong with you PvP obsessed people? Also if what you are talking about were to happen would that make every pvper automatically pick whatever craft was capable of doing that so that they wouldn't be forced to be slaved to the market? Only way that works is if mutiple crafting professions had access to this ability and if that is what you wanted to say you left it out of your post.
Georg was actually talking about Biochem and how it gives people an unfair advantage in both PvP and PvE, so clearly your reading comprehension is total ****.

Secondly, why are you taking a comment personally? So what if he commented on PvP? Is your fanboism really blinding you so badly that you'll defend something for absolutely no reason other than you just being a nerd?
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