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While I agree with other posters here on the state of Level Synch, go back and check out the derived stat for damage bonus. It should be way higher for the level 75 character in 306 gear under Level Synch. I think it is this stat that is making like 4 manning story mode Karagga's Palace so doable.

Its it wrong? I think so. Is it unsatisfactory: I think so.

Level Synch almost completely ignores contributions of mastery, endurance, and power from gear. Instead, it assigns them from a preset cap based on the content's maximum level to calculate health and damage bonus. The only reason I say "almost" is it will pay some attention to gear if a stat like mastery was lower than the cap, but also higher than a floor. If a stat is below the floor, it is set to the cap. Except for damage reduction, this behavior makes gear not matter.

Is it out of balance? Certainly.

Take Ossus on PTS. A level 70 character with 258 gear, fully augmented, will have health 138K with about a 3600 damage bonus on Ossus. Then take that character to Odessen and insta-level to 75, but keep the gear. Then go back to Ossus. Health will be down to 116K with a damage bonus of about 3300. Tertiary stat performance will be about half due to the expanded level 75 stat pool. Mastery doesn't matter. Endurance doesn't matter. Power doesn't matter. Stims don't matter, except for Proficient. With this kind of nerf, Ossus becomes more dangerous particularly the instanced heroics, the world bosses, and veteran mode Queen.

Level Synch does not correctly model the quality of the gear being worn, how well it is augmented, etc. On Ossus, it seems like it basically applies a template of whatever a typical character would have in unaugmented blue 242-244 gear and calls it good. In 306 gear, the only difference is about a 126K of health and about 1200 more points to damage bonus, granted from 19 stacks of an "iLvl Adjustment" buff, and of course, defense (if applicable) and tertiary stats that are closer to expected.

I'm left almost wishing for a terminal that would let me freeze my character at 70.