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Level Sync

The current PTS version is total BS
My 306 geared 228 augmented toon is at 169 mastery and 147 endurance or 1505 health, no power 5436 16.77% damage reduction. Assassin

My level ten twink toon she is at 541 mastery 402 endurance or 4345 health and 119 power. 768 armor 21.52% damage reduction.
My level 10 Sage when SHE IS NAKED SHE HAS 287 Mastery, 144 Endurance. A level ten NAKED has 118 more mastery and only 3 less endurance!
Naked with buffs 331 Mastery 151 Endurance 11 Power

With vendor gear from Lenks no left side no off hand. 323 mastery 178 endurance. six pieces with stats.
With class buffs and level 16 stim. 369 Mastery 187 Endurance and 11 power.
In Acolyte gear from fleet with left side from pvp quest. 464 Mastery 306 Endurance, 69 Power. So even a level ten in full vendor bought gear has more.

Live toon Guardian
My 258 adjusted to level 12 toon with full 236 augments is at 501 mastery 259 endurance or 2900 health and 45 power. 1398 armor 35.4% damage reduction.
Same toon on pts in 258 gear 169 mastery 131 Endurance 0 power 8668 armor 29.32% damage reduction

All three are wearing the best that can be had for their level. Augmented and stim boost with all four class boosts. Even with being in purple gear my level ten should be able to beat each of them silly without even trying. My 258 live toon would have the advantage against my level 10 toon on live.

The stats are not even consistent for armor or damage reduction as one guardian in the exactly the same gear is 7370 different in armor.

With how the level reduction is now handled a level 10 with green armor could beat a level seventy five hands down. That is wrong and sad and needs to be fixed big time.

I also understand that we have all our skills and our crit, alacrity and accuracy has not been changed. I also under stand my 306 toon has no problem soloing veteran Hammer station with the reduction of stats.
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