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The stat balance is strange and way low for anyone to run the 1.3s GCD other than a healer. Unless you like low crits.
Though this may only be an issue with the DXUN operation as everything else will lower you down to its level.

The armorings, mods, and enhancements are confusing from the start. The current stuff is balance and straight forward. With 20 different types per letter you have 20 different armorings 60 different mods and about the same for enhancements. ear, implants have several versions as well. Very confusing.

The stats on these items have no balance what so ever. As much as fifty point difference on them or more.

Set bonuses are junk really some of the ability bonuses are fine but the raw 2% is a sad joke on the player. 2% with 2000 points is only 40. This is the same as a crystal oh wait a crystal has 41 points. 2200 crit would gain 44, same with say 2200 alacrity 44, with the power one I am sitting at 6891 so 2% of that is 134 rounded up. That is not worth to put in a set bonus. A raw 2% would definitely be worth it. The 4% Mastery (750 points at 11950) is about the only thing that is somewhat worth it, but that is a 4 piece set bonus on top of a worthless 2 piece bonus.

These maybe general sets, but the 2 piece bonus is on class sets as well. As they stand they will not have a high priority to get.

Tacticals need to be set and labeled for the class and spec that it is for. They need to say vigilance/vengeance or madness/balance not inquisitor/consular or knight/juggernaut My balance sage uses Force in Balance just like a shadow, but is only for the shadow or deception assassin.

They need better definitions and to not show up if my spec cannot benefit from it.

Level sync good for when it first came out allowed you to gain from all content on all planets, but just taking in the health on ossus in 258 you drop from around 130k to 116 that extra 14k health is critical in operations. I can see people who can now clear nim gods not getting through story. Level sync the operations at first thought is counter productive to the people who do raid as the balance at the lower raids will make them even easier than they are now or impossible to finish as our toons have changed since the operation was corrected. Example of tanks doing a certain amount of dps and with everyone else beign throttled it will be even worse to pass the dps check. If this is set up like the master mode flashpoint at seventy if you go in vet mode ops or nim ops might be better balanced and a challenge. But if no matter what gear you are wearing you can't get more dps to pass the enrage timer this level sync fails.

The biggest issue will be what the point to doing operations if the only one worth doing will be the one at level 75 for the challenge?

Back to the top as far as gear balance compared to content. Level sync was to make the content current. Down level sync as far as it is looking will make all other operations either too hard or way too easy.

From a person who has a ton of alts this gear system is one of the better ones as once I have 306 gear on one toon I have it for all.
Problems if I am in dps spec I want to only see dps gear and mods. If I am on a healer then only healer gear ie crit and alacrity no tank or accuracy gear.

The same with my tank only tank gear. If I pay to get a mod for my dps I expect a dps mod. Tank for tank healer for healer. Current system is giving out 50% tank gear at 325 tech parts the same as some gear pieces getting something that is not for you is pointless and a rip off. Kai Zykken's random special gear piece should come with 306 if you are 306 period as again it is trash if it is not the same level or I it doesn't have purchase protection like the other pieces.

I can understand the RNG factor, but when applied to something I am paying for I expect to get something I can use.

For me so far this expac is interesting but completely confusing. The new crafting is not worth doing it as it stands. Only good thing is once I have three sets dps tank and healer I am done three toons plus weapons and offhand. I have no clue about what will be BIS and see little need to have it or chance to get.

People like to see improvements. Bigger stats better gear, higher dps, threat hps, but if no matter what they do they cant improve for 95% of the content, or what they breezed through before is now a big grind they wont do it. If they don't do it they don't have anything to do. If they have nothing worth doing or to grindy to do with a lessened reward than they will just log off and do something else. I do not like the chapters cause even on a stealth toon you can not avoid the mobs that are around every corner and every ten steps at times. Other chapters have to many hoops to do multiple times.

I do something to get something and I don't see any of the content worth doing if I can not gain something from it. 236, 242, 248, 252, 258 those were goals. Where are my goals if everything is nerfed including my toon?

End confusing rant.
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