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The rooting is not a bug; it's a change new in 1.2. People used to drag that boss all the way back to the turrets at the previous boss (the giant rakghoul) and burn him there without having to deal with the adds. Leashing him to prevent such cheese makes sense, but rooting him permanently is just really stiff. The flashpoint group I run with is full Rakata + Black Hole, breezing through nightmare mode ops, and even we don't feel like we could down this boss. At his difficulty level, he should seriously drop a piece of Rakata gear. I'm all about hard content (e.g. I love Lost Island), but this particular boss is really badly tuned and has always been.

My advice would be to just skip him. It's not worth it.
Good to know it just wasnt us, our group was geared half Coluni & Tionese and yet we couldnt get the boss below 50% health in HM before the enrage timer kicked in. We first tried CCing 2 adds and killing the 3rd before taking down the other 2 but boss enraged at 50%. So the next time we CC'd all 3 adds and focused on the boss reapplying CC when it was needed. By the time the boss summoned another 3 adds we had 6 to deal with so it bacame to much.

Bioware this is a flashpoint, isnt the boss fights meant to be achievable after having been geared through other flashpoints? I do not see this boss being done by my group until we are so far beyond the current set of flashpoints that there will be no point going back.

First things are made to easy and now you want players to smash their faces against their keyboards, slowly running out of patience for this game.

For the record the boss is rooted to the spot and doesnt move any longer.