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Fino, Aldra is so cute Very much Ald's daughter. (Not that Ald is hot is different from cute? Oh dear...brain shutting down...)
Ald spends a lot of time with Aldra when he can. When he can't, he sends her letters reminding her to stay happy. If he has a freer moment, he calls her on the Holo and speaks with her for hours. He adores his little girl. And she's not his only kid. Heeheee.

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@ Irishfino: There are certain people who are both easy and amusing to annoy. Quinn is definitely one of those (in a totally *sshat kind of way). Interesting to think of Quinn as a dad.
Quinn would be so fun to tick off, it's insane. As for Quinn being a dad, I think he'd be a pretty decent one. I'm sure he's fairly open to his loved ones in private.

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@irishfino I believe I mentioned that your Vette/Quinn first impression is my favorite Ald!verse story yet. "Kill the Twi'lek first"...perfect planning, Quinn, my boy XD
It's the only logical choice he makes regarding the whole deal with the SW and the Transponder Station, lol.
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