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Nar Shaddaa Social Event! The Veiled Alliance will host a social RP night @ the Slippery Slopes Cantina in the Lower Promenade! From 8:00-9:15 PM US Central Time! This is a casual event, one meant to act as an ice breaker for Guild Members to get to know each other and have the community join in! All are welcome! Even you dirty Imperials!

We'll be giving away items raffle style every 10 mins with a grand ole prize (Ancient Je 'daii Warrior Armor Set) at the end of the night! The raffle will be public for anyone that shows! All you have to do is find Velker Azukra and /say "Hello there." And wait for him to say "Ah, welcome (your character name), so glad you could come!" If you win a prize you must be present to claim it! For Imperials that might win, go to Velker and /say "Claim!" and he'll get it mailed to you! If a name is called and no one claims it, another name will be drawn!

You can enter the raffle until 8:30 PM, after that we will not accept any more entries! Other items to be given away range from emotes to pets!

Map instance will be announced in General Chat on Nar Shaddaa and posted on the forums for those who want to join in!
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