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02.19.2013 , 04:06 AM | #3
Thanks for the reply.

What i meant with 'making a dps vanguard' is that i'm gearing him. He's already level 50 with a full set of 63 tanking gear.

I've just ordered a full set of 63 gear (including hazmat implants, ear, relics, ...).
The combined stats are:
-300 surge rating
-300 accuracy rating
-258 crit rating

For relics i chose:
-elite war hero relic of boundless ages
-dread guard relic of dark radiance

And i will augment everything with aim augments.

Buffed and stimmed (and with datacrons etc) that should give me these (Tech) stats:
-Bonus Damage 1099
-Accuracy 110%
-Critical Chance 38.38%
-Critical Multiplier 76.28%
-Aim 2446

I will put the mods in a tionese combat tech set for the setbonus.

I'm gonna use this spec:

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or comments?

Once i get everything in the gear i'll test it on an ops dummy and i'll post my results here.