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Here's a more important question: When was the last time you genuinely did slicing? Not sending out the occasional mission, but sending out several at once over a long period of time and tracked the results?
I specifically said above that I tracked 20 missions straight for three straight nights by hand.
60 total.
Not an overly large sample size, but certainly not "sending out the occasional mission".
That's about 2 hours per night of constantly having all 5 companions on missions for three nights in a row.

From my experience, affection doesn't seem to affect the outcome at all, as C2-N2 is coming back with just as many crits and "failures" (VERY rare to actually fail a credit box mission and get nothing, but if I ever lose money on a mission I count it as a failure) as any of my max'd affection companions.

What it does do is lower the amount of time it takes a companion to complete a mission.
10k affection = +10 efficiency