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11.15.2019 , 07:08 AM | #79
Also vastly reduce or remove the grade 11 requirements from various war supplies (e.g. crystal capacitors).

The jump from previous materials requirements such as grade 10 materials requiring a quantity of 8 to grade 11 requiring a quantity of 160 (a 20X increase) is absurd.

Better still, return this to how it was originally designed with multiple schematics available for each war supply, with one requiring larger amounts of lower grade materials, one requiring average amounts of medium grade materials, and one requiting smaller amounts of high grade materials.

Other thoughts mostly echoing other posters....

Specifics regarding mission success and failure rates, along with the specific effects of the +success amplifiers, needs to be disclosed.

Specifics regarding mission / crafting crit rates, along with the effects of the +crit amplifiers, needs to be disclosed.

All grade 11 missions should provide green (premium) materials in ratios similar to crafting requirements, with more returned as the level of mission increases (e.g. moderate < abundant < bountiful < rich < wealthy), as well as on a critical success.

The addition of green materials and re-balancing of ratios should NOT result in blue and purple materials becoming substantially more rare than they are today.

Jawa junk needs a total rework (reduce costs by a factor of 10) as it is mostly pointless and just clutters up inventory (one full stack of junk - 9999 - doesn't even cover the price of 50 g11 materials, which even after the changes aren't enough to craft much of anything).