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10.17.2013 , 07:52 AM | #1
Hello peoples. I'd like to make an offer to the community! I recently posted a .gif I made of my Darth on the forums & people seemed to really like it. So! If anyone would like a .gif of their char....I'd be happy to help make one for you =]

I play on the Begereny Colony, Eldergame on both factions.

Tenaden - Republic, 55, Guardian, Tank.
Qor-q'Lepton - Empire, 55, Juggernaut, Tank.
Borilius - Republic. 55, Commando, Healer.

& a bunch more chars that are all over the place in levels, but those are my mains.

Example of a .gif! This one I made is of Lepton.

So get in touch with me in-game if you'd like to have some .gifs made C: if I'm not online just add me to your FL.