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Never before in an MMO have I felt it necessary to make a "I'm cancelling" post, but SWTOR has inspired me. Also, no you cannot "has your stuff" and yes, after this post I will just leave and no longer concern myself with these forums.

My feedback on the account cancellation screen:
You are not familiar with the testing process, or the development process in general but thats understandable.

The first thing you had wrong was to imply that their QA team did a bad job, and also that they did not know how to test.

From working in software QA for 13 years, I can tell you that QA does not fix bugs nor do they decide what bugs get fixed. Every single issue that you hate could very well be written up in the QA database. Just because its a bug doesn't mean QA didnt find it.

More than likely, it means a producer chose to not prioritize that particular issue OR they did not have the resources available to look at the code and fix it. All bugs are fixable but some may be so complex that the devs are temporarily stumped and put the issue on the backburner. Its very rarely QAs fault.
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