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Back in January 2015 I made a bugreport and ticket about the useless 4-setbonus but no one ever did anything with that. So hopefully you guys can look at it now?
sage / sorc new 4 set bonus is useless for Lightning/Telekinetics or it's bugged

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Ticket: 15737389

This is what the tooltip for the new 4 set bonus tells us:
"Reduces the cost of Lightning Strike and Force Lightning or Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw by 2 and reduces the cooldown of Polarity Shift or Mental Alacrity by 15 seconds."

When you hover your mouse over Lightning Strike and Disturbance it tells it cost 27 force without the 4 set bonus and 25 force with the 4 set bonus. So the tooltip is correct, however, Lightning Strike and Disturbance have both been replaced in 3.0 with Lightning Bolt and Telekinetic Burst and thus Lightning Strike and Disturbance are no longer used in the rotation of Lightning and Telekinetics.
So the 4 set bonus is either useless or bugged for Lightning and Telekinetics.

The solution would be reducing the cost of both Lightning Bolt and Telekinetic Burst with 2 and changing the tooltips for those two abilities.