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What I propose is:

4 pieces bonus has to give 1 extra charge of recklessness
6 pieces bonus has to give extra alacrity fo lets say 8-10 seconds, kinda like berserk on carnage marauders, get it up to a 30-35%ish alacrity depending how much you already have stacked, so make it a 25% extra alacrity after using force leech (?) or demolish in example.
Something else iŽd like to propose is give us instantly crits on certain moves, like vanquish or force lightning, after using certain abilities.
^This. other classes get an insta-crit with Sb but the lowest pulling ranged class that's already nerfed to oblivion in both specs gets nothing? (I.e. lower cooldown on recklessness which is NOT a guaranteed crit btw) A bit unfair. I second the proposed set bonus changes above.