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04.19.2019 , 07:48 PM | #8
I played through Emp side once so far as level 70 Medicine Operative in 258 gear. Like others have said Emp side base is missing a QT point. There were a couple minor bugs but for the most part it seems good so far. I like the look of the planet, and the music. I was able to solo the Heroic 2+ easily but please tune down how often the walker casts its shield, it's annoying. I'd just sit there twiddling my thumbs waiting for the missile CD to reset (and yes I was interrupting it too, but it casts so often that would frequently be on CD as well). Also I was healing and my companion was DPS and kept aggro and the walker did zero damage to my companion the whole fight. Guessing that's a bug.

I solo'd the Heroic 4 where you save the hostages and fight the dog as well. I think that one might be a bit buggy too although I'm not sure. It just seemed a bit weird. The dog would tickle the hostages a bit and they'd run around and then disappear but it didn't seem like he was killing them, they'd still be near full health. It seemed pretty easy for a Heroic 4 though, at least as a healer with stealth.

Also I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I completed the Golden Dream achievement where you pay off the ransom for 15mil ten times. I received the BoP item in the mail on the character I completed the achievement with, but none of the other characters in that legacy received the item. And it doesn't seem like it can be claimed from the legacy window unless I'm missing something. I think it'd make more sense if every character in the legacy gets the item.

Also also I really enjoyed falling in the well and Polly. Is there a way to be friends with Polly? I want a bird with a laser for a companion.