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04.19.2019 , 06:23 PM | #7
(Faction: Empire / Level: 70)

1. I really like that the conquest week is up and we can see how it will work. I do have a question about the Dantooine: Reputation objective, however. It seems like something we will only be able to complete once per entire game, as by the time the next time the event will come up, it's entirely likely most of the server (anyone with alts) will already have max rep (by saving tokens across toons and then opening them after the weekly reset). Since the one-time objective requires actually using tokens, it doesn't seem possibly to complete more than one or two times. (Even if I don't save tokens and only use them as part of the event, I will still max out reputation very soon.) Just seems like a weird objective to have there.

2. Similarly, re: conquest week. Is Defeating enemy Guards back? I see an objective for that for The Black Hole. I'm wondering if it's this week exclusive, or if we will see a return of this objective across other week. 'Cause that would be wonderful.

3. The Imperial Base doesn't seem to have a QT point, and the Republic Base does. Possible an oversight? If not, this seems like one should be added.

4. I will vehemently disagree with anyone who says the Heroics cannot be solo'd. It's a bit tedious, and would definitely go quicker in a group, but I had no problem solo'ing any of them. [PSA for other playes about the Walker: his activation of the shields can be interrupted].

5. Somewhat unrelated, but I am wondering if there is still a Level Booster anywhere in the game? I couldn't find one on the starting planet / Odessen. And if there is one, what is the option to gear such a character anymore, since the vendors on Odessen are gone? Or is that off the table completely now?