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Quote: Originally Posted by Icebergy View Post
I didn't have a chance to play at all last night, how did this go?
Not well. I kept spamming my Strike Night message on pre-match chat, but few folks switched ships. However, based on this:

Quote: Originally Posted by Odacervicix View Post
This was fun. I found participation a bit limited early. But when I came back later, about half the pilots were in strikes. I would suggest that those that want to participate remove ships that are not strikes from their bar. There were a couple of domination games where people would start out in strikes and switch to bombers or gunships when their team started to lose, which only causes more people to switch. If you remove those ships from the bar, you won’t be tempted by them.
...maybe I didn't play long enough? I was on from around 10pm ET to about 12:30, and while there were more strikes than usual, it definitely seemed like the majority of pilots either didn't get the memo or simply didn't care.

@Odacervicix - re: removing the "tempting" non-strikes from my bar...that's exactly what I did.

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