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hey guys anyone help me out iv already payed to get back into this game as i cant make up my mind the pvp on server Darth Malgus is ok but the GSF side of it is slow be wait for 30 to 45 Mins all day and iv looked over google and still cant seem to find high GSF server really they should cross all pvp servers like world of Warcraft so the wait is not as long
I`ve try Star Force its the same as Darth Malgus but then Satele Shan server thats balance but still slow on get a match

oddly darth malgus is the best popping server. from about 10 am to 6 pm eastern U.S. time. Its prime time is better than SF or SS primes times to be honest.

Your 'all day' is what time period exactly? I can narrow it down for you.

10 AM - 6 PM eastern time Darth Malgus

8 PM to when the queue dies Star Forge

8PM to when the queue dies Satele Shan. This server is very slow even in prime time, and may once in awhile pop decent.

All times are approximate. And very solid time frames. I have never heard of Darth Malgus not popping during those times. I about fell off my chair when you said that.
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