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Well you arent fully going to be changed over from a republic or imperial side player to the other faction it will only be in the storyline.

But i would love to see the Jedi's who turned to the empire actually fight for respect and their place in the empire even taking things by force and titles (by npcs and actual titles like lord and darth) from sith as your power is rising even though right now you are probably stronger than majority of the dark council other than acina, xarion. So it would be cool to see how a Jedi fully becomes a sith from that standpoint.

troopers would be a rather interesting thing establishing your own battalion under the empire would be a bit weird as you would probably have the least amount of control over your character's progression of any of the classes.

Smugs not sure if they would ever actually be accepted into the empire may just make the player somewhat of their own pirate breaking blockades and smuggling troops behind lines that kind of stuff.

sith would have a bit to earn the jedi council's trust but the jedi i feel would be interested in the intelligence of the sith order big players, their strats all that so the sith could prove useful from that standpoint. also rebuilding the order would be really interesting going forward as a sith becoming a jedi.

agent probably would not be trusted at all because of being thought of as a double agent or something so earning their trust will probably never happen even though you may rise through the ranks.

bounty hunters would not be accepted into the republic like the sith and eventual agents may they would be kept for hunting purposes of hunting down targets and bringing them in to face justice or questioning.

i think i am most interested in the jedi and sith storylines of theirs changing factions.
I agree that it would be difficult to do and I think that for some characters it would be nearly impossible. However, having the option for some characters and, maybe, having the option of walking away from both the Empire and the Republic at the end of the story would be nice.