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I tested the new updated system last night for a bit. Here are the numbers, conclusions at the end:
TL;DR: While improved(both quantity and quality-wise) drops are ok. They are nowhere near enough to create an enjoyable experience. Cut down on the RNG. Give a clear path to getting gear which allows players a degree of agency.

Taakaana vendor, got batches of 3k tech fragments, bought 12 items, kept the upgrades deconstructed everything else:
1. iRating 289: 6 sidegrades, 4 upgrades, 2 downgrades. 1 item was for a different role. Deconstructing 12 288(ish) items gave me 57 tech fragments.
2. iRating 290: 4 sidegrades, 0 upgrades, 8 downgrades. all items were role-appropriate. Deconstructing 12 288(ish items gave me 54 tech fragments.
3. iRating 290: 0 sidegrades, 1 upgrade, 11 downgrades. all items were role appropriate. Deconstructing 12 288(ish) items gave me 54 tech fragments.
4. iRating 290: 0 sidegrades, 3 upgrades*, 9 downgrades. *of the 3 upgrades 2 were for a different role. Deconstructing 12 290(ish) items gave me 54 tech fragmens.
5. iRating 290: 0 sidegrades, 3 upgrades*, 9 downgrades. 1 of the upgrades was for a different role. Deocnstructing 12 290(ish) items gave me 60 tech fragments.
6. iRating 291: 3 sidegrades, 0 upgrades, 9 downgrades. 2 of the items were for a different role. Deconstructing 12 290-ish items gave me 65 tech fragments.

At this point I got a pop for Hammer Station MM. Flashpoint took roughly 30 minutes to complete(going back to a 1.5 gcd, no autocrits etc. is definitely not an experience I look forward to on live), summary of the drops is:
32 items in total: 20 upgrades, 4 sidegrades, 0 downgrades, 3 role-appropriate enhancements and 1 mod. Unfortunately, in terms of what I could equip the number of upgrades goes down to 6(since a lot of them were duplicates).
Final boss dropped a general set-bonus piece.
Deconstructing everything(after equipping the upgrades, obviously) gave me 151 tech fragments.
Completing the weekly added another 100 tech fragments.
And the bosses(probably another source I didn't notice too) also gave me 90 tech fragments.

Second Hammer Station MM. Flashpoint took about 20 minutes(2 people in optimized 306 were in the group), with an added 5-10 minutes dealing with the "Unable to return to medcenter during boss fight" bug. Drops were:
27 items in total: 11 upgrades, 8 sidegrades, 8 downgrades, 1 of the items was for a different role. Pretty big chunk of duplicates.
Final boss dropped a merc healer tactical(which was appropriate, since we had a merc healer in group).
Deconstructing everything I didn't equip netted 151 tech fragments.

That's all I had time for. Conclusion(s):
The good(ish):
The more generous drops in MM HS did feel better, I don't know if I was just lucky or if some protections were put in place but the items dropping were within a tier of my item level, which alleviated some of the frustrations from the first phase. As a supplemental method of gearing it's ok. Will have to test drops while chasing BiS items, but I have a feeling the situation is a lot grimmer then.
Just to make it clear: Running a flashpoint and hoping you get one of the six items you need out of a pool of 360 is not a good main venue of obtaining gear.

The (terri)bad:
In the current format, the vendor is pointless outside of throwing some bantha poo-doo at the wall when Kai is gone so you don't completely waste tech fragments once you're close to the cap. Sidegrades are still more likely than upgrades and downgrades can still go down up to 5 tiers(that's the lowest I've gotten, could be worse).
Generally, the acquisition rate for tech fragments doesn't feel great. It would probably feel even worse if the vendor had any sort of decent chance at giving out stuff you're looking for.
I feel like you guys should make a decision in one direction or another when it comes to moddable gear outside of the endgame sets. Either get rid of 90% of the non-moddable stuff and flood the market with mods and enhancements so people can micro-manage(or not) to their hearts' content OR get rid of the moddable stuff up to iLevel 302, at which point you no longer get non-moddable stuff but instead...*drum-roll* shells with set bonuses and mods. It's not an ideal solution but it will mitigate some of the problems raised by a loot pool that is both deep and almost entirely useless at the same time.

The Ug(h)ly:
Is renown working as intended? Because the gain of ranks seems slower than a drunk Hutt going uphill and the rewards are...underwhelming.