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So I've talked to people in my raid group, to some other people, totals about 60 players. And most of them know this game since 1.x patches. Pretty much all of the people independently came to telling me that there isn't a better system than it was in vanilla. It was balanced, rewarding, fun and it actually restricted people from getting a new toon geared very quickly without much effort (which current system doesn't do - all gear is Legacy and transferring 306 gear to a new toon so he gets high ilvl loot for his spec - this is the most obvious abuse of a badly designed loot system)

Let me remind you the vanilla loot system: there were tokens that drop from raids and that reward BiS gear with set-bonus. And there were commendations that supply high rating gear which is not fully optimized and does not have a set bonus. PvP gear was also separate from PvE and that actually maintained some quality in PvP (which is hard to find nowadays). I even remember times when you got full Recruit PvP gear from doing an introduction warzones quest so you get base expertise, but low stats and no set bonus.

So with the old system the players who were not really skilled in PvP couldn't enter the warzone in full PvE gear and nuke everything - they had no expertise. They had to grind for PvP gear and while they grind...they learn something
In the old system who were not really skilled in PvE couldn't enter a raid and oneshot everything with their PvP gear. Same with the grind part - getting gear was parallel to getting skill. Learning something new passively while you play - isn't that awesome?
It was an amazing split.

What the old system lacked was being friendly to more casual players who do not enjoy doing hardcore raids to get top gear (I still struggle to understand why would they need to have top gear - tolerance can sometimes be pointless like in this case, but okay). The biggest issue that more casual players had was: I do not have the set bonus and my class isn't as fun without it. To get the set bonus i need to do raid which I do not want to do. And top tier armorings that provide set bonus were tied to top tier PvE. So even if a person got lets say Tionese set bonus (which was low ilvl) and put high ilvl non-bis mod and enhancement from commendations, the person would still have low ilvl on the set bonus armoring - commendations as a supplementary system didnt provide that. And getting a Rakata token was impossible for a casual player on tier.

But that is fixed now. The set bonuses are tied to the shell, not to the armorings. That is by far the best change to the gearing system that I can see in this patch. Also tacticals. They are neat, I like them. Except the part that as a stealth class I can exit the combat and equip a different tactical and it can give a huge advantage that other classes do not possess. I suggest that changing a tactical in the field required more than just swapping a gear slot.

A suggestion regarding gear system:
  • Leave Kai Zakken as he is. He is a fun chap. Maybe form boxes out of set bonuses and reduce number of items he has available weekly. Each box has its own chance to be on his weekly list. The boxes are like in cartel market. Upper Body Right Price set bonus provides chest gloves, what else is upper? You know better. Maybe call it differently so that Tech Fragments correspond to the contents of the box. Right now his sell list is huge and its inconvenient to scroll. Reducing number of items he sells weekly will hurt people who want to buy from him. Grouping his inventory in boxes - thats gonna work, trust me, I am a data science engineer
  • Remove Takkanna (or rework, read next)
  • Add vendors that sell role-specific no-rng no-set bonus items for commendations (tech fragments). So lets say when I spend Tech Fragments I know for sure its an upgrade and it will have the stats I want. If I a buy greaves and I am a dps, I want to choose between Alacrity, Critical and Accuracy. I dont want to spend commendations (tech fragments) and get the thing I don't need. It is lame. Lets say you fix the rng and it gives upgrades more often. But you cannot fix the Alacrity/Critical/Accuracy choice with the RNG system on. The RNG should be limited, not overwhelming like now.
  • Add token drops to the raid bosses (or even final flashpoint bosses) that allow buying set bonus gear and tactical items.
  • Add vendors that allow exchanging tokens to gear.
  • Make bosses/flashpoints/crates drop gear only according to your current discipline. It is big lame when I get tank gear on a Scoundrel or Commando. Even if I am Assassin, what if I prefer DPSing? Give me dps loot, thats why my current discipline is Hatred or Deception, why does the game think I care about tanking if my class has this option? Respect my choices, aren't they supposed to matter? Choices matter, innit?
So back to the good part where I don't rage. Buying gear for commendations should be rewarding. its like paying in supermarket, you see whats in your basket, you dont have anything random there. Getting drops from crates or pve/pvp content - why not rng, why not.
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