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09.06.2019 , 04:18 AM | #25
The system just isnt working still. I have tested both a 258 & 306 geared Char via Vet and MM FP.

The 258 geared char on first runs through HS all looked good got some up grades to 270, my rating got to 267 and then RNG kicks in and rather than get the pieces i need to lift my rating further I get more me too or downgrades on the pieces i already have. i did 10 more HS Vets Solo then stopped this gearing method as it was frustrating and moved to the vendor to try my luck with my 900 odd Tech Fragemtns. I got 1 270 belt a 270 tank relic (Im an Operative) & a 270 Implant. So 2 out of 3 upgrades and my rating finished on 270. So bar the tank relic I was lucky and got upgrades on my pieces, the tank relic was however very frustrating waste of tech components.
The other side of this is that some of the 258 gear i started with are still upgrades on the the 270 i am currentyly wearing but i cant use them as this would reduce my Item rating. So the gear I worked for in 5.0 is better than the gear I am currently wearing but cant use as it reduces my Item rating. (More on this with my other char). Im also using a Tank relic but im sure no one will call me out for it.
Frustration level 8/10

The 306 iRating gear char has all 306 rated gear, non of which are modable. I have been lucky enough to get 3 set piece items i would like to use. I can't the Mods in them are below 306 so if i equip them my Item rating drops and thus any futher Item drops i get are less likely to be Upgrades. All the drops i have been getting from Vet and MM flashpionts have been sub 306 modable or un modable 306 gear.
Just make anything thats 300+ rating have mods as a first step, at least i could use my set pieces at a point where I am still not just looking for upgraded gear. It would also allow me to choose the stats im playing with and let me play the way I want to.
Frustration level 9/10

Additionally, dont give me down grades at all, its just annoying and dissappointing. Rather than a downgrade give me some tech parts, it would be a more positive outcome.